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10 Million Journey

Apr 7, 2022

As you already know, lately I have been fascinated by the world of crypto and NFTs. As promised, I am bringing you experts on this topic.

My guest today is Regal Star. 

Regal is a serial entrepreneur, he is the founder of Sorga Bali which is 100% organic chocolate that you can find in places like Bali Budda (if you are...

Mar 31, 2022

This episode is a continuation of my interview with ThatNFTGuy, in which we discuss avoiding NFT scams and some upcoming hot projects that we are both interested in.


Links from the episode:

ThatNFTGuy Part 1 Episode -

Zeneca Academy -

Mar 24, 2022

If you know anything about the world of  NFTs and if you don’t, it’s totally cool. I’m in this world for about three or four months, so I don’t know much either. But what I do know is that Twitter is a holy grail when it comes to getting early information. 

Today, I’m talking to someone I’ve been following...

Feb 24, 2022

My guest today is Berwin Tanco. Berwin is the CEO of Ekta. They connect traditional industries, public companies, and physical assets to their blockchain to unlock their value and potential. By connecting these different worlds, Ekta Chain utilizes traditional business cash flow and profit to increase the value of their...